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    Semi-coke Briquette Machine

    Semi-coke Briquette Machine

    Product description:We have produced semi-coke briquette machine, our semi-coke briquette making machine exported to overseas received widely praise because semi-coke briquette machine price is reasonable and operation i…

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    Detailed introduction

    Semi-coke Briquette Machine

    Machines Description

    Semi-coke Briquette Machine

    Semi-coke is a kind of semi-coal and semi-carbon mineral raw material with high chemical activity, low ash content, aluminium and other components. After excavation, they can be processed by a series of processes and then pressed by our semi-coke briquette machine, our semi-coke briquette machine price is just, operation is simple, machines are achieved unanimous praise after exported to overseas.

    Working principle

    Semi-coke Briquette Machine

    Our machine belongs to hydraulic pressing machine, it consists main engine, PLC intelligent control system, hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, customized dies and output conveyor. When semi-coke briquette making machine is working, it uses Pascal's principle, pretreated semi-coke powder will be transferred to the semi-coke briquette machine, then they are pressed by high pressure pressing with hydraulic pump in the die, dies can be changed and customized according to customers needs.


    Semi-coke Briquette Machine

    Machines details and advantages

    Semi-coke Briquette Machine

    1. External hydraulic pumps can ensure the safety of cooling system.
    2. PLC intelligent control system can adjust pressure and stamping time, pressure can reach 100-200 tons
    3. The mold materials are made of 65 # manganese steel, and they can be changed.
    4. Hydraulic pump base is made of high quality rubber material with good shock absorption effect.

    Finished product display

    Semi-coke Briquette Machine

    Our honor

    Semi-coke Briquette Machine

    Our semi-coke briquette making machine is carefully designed by staff, fuselage and all parts used high quality metal materials. Our machine have ISO and CE certification, and semi-coke briquette machine price is just performance is excellent, if you need, Lantian is a good choice for you.

    Product line

    Semi-coke Briquette Machine

    1.Semi-coke need to be carbonized by our carbonization furnace. 
    2.Next, carbonized semi-coke need to be crushed into finer charcoal powder by charcoal crusher machine, after crushing, charcoal powder is necessary to add adhesive and stirring evenly to ensure can have a good briquetting effect.
    3.Mixed materials will be transferred to the semi-coke briquette machine for pressing, machine have simple operation and just price, and finished products have high hardness and high strength.
    4.Pressed materials can drying out excess water by our dryer machine, after dried products can have better burning effect.

    5.Dried materials can pack by our packing machine, to make products storage for a long time. 

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