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    Diesel Tree Pier Crusher

    Diesel Tree Pier Crusher

    Product description:We have produced diesel tree pier crusher machine, our diesel tree pier crusher received widely praise in many countries because diesel tree pier crusher price is just, quality is high and performance…

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    Detailed introduction

    Diesel Tree Pier Crusher

    Machines description

    Diesel Tree Pier Crusher

    Our Lantian Technical Team have produced a series of crusher or shredder to crush the different parts of the logs. Tree pier is a good biomass raw material, tree pier can be burned directly after crushed by our diesel tree pier crusher machine, our diesel tree pier crusher price is reasonable and performance is excellent, and is very popular and loved by customers at home and abroad.

    Working principle

    Diesel Tree Pier Crusher

    Our diesel tree pier crusher mainly consists of feeding port, crushing cutter, outlet port, machines fuselage and all parts are used high quality metal materials, which can guarantee the quality and performance. When diesel tree pier crusher machine is working, tree pier will be transferred to the feeding port by the automatic feeder, and the blade inside the crusher cuts and rubs quickly to achieve the purpose of crushing. After crushing, materials can used fuel, and also can crush by our wood crusher machine to provide conditions for subsequent industrial processing.

    Crusher effect display

    Diesel Tree Pier Crusher

    Parameter and advantages

    Diesel Tree Pier Crusher

    1.Our machine is carefully designed by staff, humanized design and simple operation make machines easy to use and maintain.
    2.Our diesel tree pier crusher is driven by motors with low noise.
    3.Excellent performance and large processing capacity, which can effectively utilize biomass resources.

    Production line

    Diesel Tree Pier Crusher

    1.At first, tree pier will be transferred to the feed port of the diesel tree pier crusher machine, and they crushed by high-speed impact of the blades. 
    2.Secondly, we can use sawdust crusher machine to further crushing.
    3.Thirdly, crushed materials needs to be dried by our sawdust dryer.
    4.And then, dried materials can used different machine to briquette. Materials can be compacted by the biomass pellet machine, or extrude by sawdust extrude machine, and the 2 production line are have high quality and stable performance, and have widely praised in many countries.
    5.After extruded, they can burn directly or carbonized by carbonization furnace, after carbonized, materials can used as fuel,and also have good burning effect.

    Our company

    Diesel Tree Pier Crusher Supplier

    Our machine have humanized design and simple operation, and machines has received unanimous praise because diesel tree pier crusher price is just, quality is high, our machine have ISO and CE, if you need diesel tree pier crusher, Lantian is a good choice for you. 

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