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    Coal Briquette Dryer

    Coal Briquette Dryer

    Product description:We are coal briquette dryer machine supplier, we have produced coal briquette dryer, our coal briquette dryer machine have good drying effect and high quality, it is very loved in many countries.

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    Detailed introduction

    Coal Briquette Dryer

    Machines description

    After coal was briquetted, they need drying out excess water by our coal briquette dryer for better store and burning more thoroughly, we are coal briquette dryer supplier, our machine is very loved in many countries because of its high quality and stable performance.

    Working principle

    Coal Briquette Dryer

    Our coal briquette dryer machine belongs air energy heat pump dryer machine, when coal briquette dryer is working, it adopts inverse Carnot principle, the motor drives the compressor to compresses the air energy into the heat energy, and the PLC intelligent control board can adjust the humidity and temperature, materials are circulation drying by hot air circulation system, and can achieve better drying effect. 

    Structure diagram

    Coal Briquette Dryer

    Drying effect 

    Coal Briquette Dryer

    Machines features or details

    Coal Briquette Dryer

    Customers site

    Coal Briquette Dryer

    We are coal briquette dryer machine supplier, our coal briquette dryer machine is carefully designed by staff, and used high-quality light polyurethane material as panel materials, it is easy to install and disassemble, machines are have ISO and CE certification, quality can be guaranteed.

    Our company

    Coal Briquette Dryer Supplier

    We are coal briquette dryer machine supplier, our coal briquette dryer is very popular at home and abroad, if you need coal briquette dryer machine, please contact our online customer service or send us an inquiry, we will give you a satisfactory reply as soon as possible. 

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