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    Disc Wood Chipper Machine

    Disc Wood Chipper Machine

    Product description:We have produced disc wood chipper machine, our disc wood chipper for sale to overseas is received widely praise because disc wood chipper have high quality and stable performance.

    60 second manual response
    Annual limited warranty of complete machine
    24-hour free solution design

    Detailed introduction

    Machine description

    Disc Wood Chipper Machine

    The disc wood chipper machine developed by our Lantian Technical Team belongs to one of the wood processing equipment. It is widely used in the preparation section of textile, paper-making, pulping. Our disc wood chipper for sale to overseas is very popular and received widely praise, if you need, Lantian is a good choice for you. 

    Working principle

    Disc Wood Chipper Machine

    Our disc wood chipper mainly consists of machine base, inlet port, outlet port, cutter head, chassis, chipper blade and electronic control. When disc wood chipper machine is working, machine switch is turned on, and logs will fed in inlet port, and logs will cut by cutting blade, it is cut with the high speed rotation of the cutting tool disc, and the cut wood is fed out by the high speed steam generated by the wind blade on the cutting tool disc in the cutting room.


    Disc Wood Chipper Machine

    Machines features

    Disc Wood Chipper Machine

    1. Our disc wood chipper have large capacity, low energy consumption, high performance-price ratio.
    2. The disc wood chipper machine has compact structure, reasonable layout, simple installation and convenient operation and maintenance.
    3. High production capacity; when cutting logs, the quality of wood chips is high, and the length of wood chips can be adjusted freely within the prescribed range. 
    4. Numbers of blades, thickness of blades can customized according customers needs.

    Crushing effect display

    Disc Wood Chipper Machine

    Production line


    Disc Wood Chipper Machine Supplier

    Our machine is carefully designed by staff, all parts and fuselage are used high quality metal materials, and have ISO and CE certification, our disc wood chipper for sale to overseas is very popular, if you need disc wood chipper, please send us inquiry, we are glad to provide you more detailed information. 

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