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    Drum Wood Chipper Machine

    Drum Wood Chipper Machine

    Product description:We have produced drum wood chipper machine, our drum log chipper for sale to overseas received widely praise because drum log chipper have high quality and simple operation.

    60 second manual response
    Annual limited warranty of complete machine
    24-hour free solution design

    Detailed introduction

    Drum Wood Chipper Machine

    Machines description

    Drum Wood Chipper Machine

    Trees are a common raw material in biomass processing, log have large volume, before processing, they can used drum wood chipper machine to crushing roughly, which is convenient for subsequent crushing and drying. Our drum log chipper for sale to overseas is received widely praise, because machine have excellent quality, and have convenient operation and good chipping effect.

    Working principle

    Drum Wood Chipper Machine

    Our drum log chipper is mainly composed of machine base, inlet and outlet, cutter head, chassis, chipper blade and electronic control. When drum wood chipper machine is working, turn on the switch, the logs will be transferred to the feeding port by the conveyor belt, the log wood are cut by the internal high-speed rotating cutter, the chipped wood is conveyed from the outlet.

    Parameter and features

    Drum Wood Chipper Machine

    1.Our drum log chipper have high output, low energy consumption, high quality of wood chips.
    2.Our drum wood chipper machine have compact structure, large capacity, and convenient operation and maintenance.

    Crushing effect display

    Drum Wood Chipper Machine

    Product line

    Drum Wood Chipper Machine

    1.Logs can be crushed by drum log chipper first.
    2.The crushed log can also be crushed by sawdust crusher.
    3.Crushed sawdust can drying out excess water by our indirect dryer machine for achieve a good extruding effect.
    4.Dried sawdust can briquette by our biomass extruder or biomass pellet machine, finished products have high hardness and high density.
    5.If materials extruded by biomass extruder machine, they can carbonized by carbonization furnace, and carbonized products can used as BBQ charcoal, and have good burning effect.

    Our company

    Drum Wood Chipper Machine Supplier

    Our drum wood chipper machine is carefully designed by staff, all parts and fuselage used high quality metal materials, and it have ISO and CE certification, our drum log chipper for sale to foreign countries achieved unanimous praise, if you need drum log chipper, you can send us inquiry, we are glad to provide you more detailed information and better service. 

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