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James Kim

James Kim


Phone: 214-336-1135

Liverpool Staff Coach

Coach James has been coaching for 10 years in the DFW area.

He was Director of Academy at North Texas United and coached for FC Dallas Youth.

He has taught and still teaches individual/group skills for all levels of players on junior, select boys, select girls, premiere, ECNL and ODP teams focusing on technical, tactical, psychological and physical aspects of the game.

NSCAA National Diploma
USSF/NTX D License.
Philosophy… US Soccer “Best Practices…”

“There is not just “one way” to teach soccer to players, nor is there just one style of coaching. There is a broad spectrum of styles and methods for how each of us experiences the game. Some of this comes from our backgrounds, while some of this also is the product of our own personalities. At the youth and junior levels, however, there is a set of fundamental principles that must be considered by anyone involved with soccer. In general, young soccer players require a certain amount of uninterrupted play. This allows them to experience soccer first hand. They should be allowed the opportunity to experiment, and with that, succeed and fail. The coach’s long term goal is to prepare the player to successfully recognize and solve the challenges of the game on his or her own.”


“The most fundamental skill in soccer is individual mastery of the ball and the creativity that comes with it. This should be a priority in training and games, especially in the early years. As this skill is mastered, the rest of the game becomes easier - both to teach and to learn. Practices should be built around facilitating the development of the skills necessary to move and control the ball well. As these individual skills and the creativity to make them come alive in the game are developed to a level of competence, the finer points, first of passing skill and later of team organization can be taught.”