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Uniform Sizing

06/14/2017, 8:45am CDT
By Nancy Lane

Uniform Sizing

Liverpool FC International Academy Texas is excited about the new kit year with our uniform partners New Balance and

Our pre-sizing events make it super easy and enjoyable when you attend one of these events held indoor with air conditioning.   These will take place the week of June 19th at two different facilities near our training fields. 

Our Uniform Coordinator is Becki Smorynski and can be reached at with questions.

Indoor Sizing: 

June 19th -20th         Blue Sky Sports Center in The Colony from 2:00pm- 8:00pm

June 21st                 Blue Sky Sports Center in Keller from 2:00pm- 8:00pm 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I know my child’s size, so is sizing really necessary? 

A:  Liverpool strongly encourages you to size the uniforms for your player.  Although the entire kit goes together, there are different pieces in the kit from a custom white kit to a replica kit.  Those different lines are due to the national or worldwide distribution of the pieces can be sized very differently.  The replica kit tends to be much narrower and along a European cut as opposed to the training gear which tends to be much more generous.

Q: How many years is the kit good for?

A:  The full kit is good for two years with the exception of the red replica kit.  Because the first team in England changes each year, and therefore, so will we change with them.    Each year the competitive players will be asked to purchase the current red replica kit from our provider,

Q: Why do the competitive players have the replica kit but the academy does not? 

A:  Two reasons really, First, we believe there should be a ‘graduation’ process throughout a player’s soccer career.   They should look forward to wearing the first team kit and feel as though they have “earned” the right to wear it.  Second is cost.  There is a more than $250.00 difference between the kits.  With the rapid rate at which little players grow, it seems prudent and respectful to be sure a player is mature enough to make the commitment to the team and the cost of the kit.

Q: Will there be sizing samples at Tryouts on July 1st?

A:  Yes, but with Texas summer heat, trying them on in the air-conditioned comfort of an indoor venue makes all the difference in the world.   Additionally, the lines at tryouts can be long!    Regardless of where you size, we recommend that girl players wear a swimsuit to try on the kit.  Out of respect for every parent’s time, we cannot allow the samples to be taken into a restroom or separate room for players to put them on.  So having a swimsuit on underneath makes sizing for girls much easier.

Q:  What is the cost of the competitive kit this year?

A:   The required kit is one of every item on the required list.  Many parents order additional socks, or shorts.  With that in mind, it is difficult to gauge what the actual cost of the kit is.  We can share with you that the kit should arrange between $430.00 and 480.00

Q:  Will sizing be available for academy players?

A:  Yes, after July 1, we will offer multiple dates and locations for sizing for the academy players.

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