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Reds Academy




The LFC-IAA Reds Academy program creates a positive atmosphere and fun environment for training.  Players become confident on the ball and enjoy both learning and challenges through hard work and the development of technical skills.  We want all of our players to understand creativity, bravery and develop a love of the game. Our training environment will be challenging yet fun where players will be put into situations where they will become problem solvers giving them a much more superior soccer I.Q.

Liverpool FCIA America is committed to developing our Academy players. Our Academy is proud of its heritage and is dedicated to providing opportunities to its players at every level.

We work tirelessly in our quest to be the best Academy in the nation and will only do so through hard work and by investing in its staff, players and facilities.

Our Academy program embodies a “develop to win" philosophy, Our Reds Academy programs provides opportunities for players to improve and to have fun while working towards success.

 “Our Academy is not about winning at all costs especially at the younger levels.  We want to win through our development and win through our education. It’s about winning the right way, the “Liverpool Way” with good sportsmanship and integrity. My definition of success is reaching your true potential as a player and as a person.”

-Tom Blencoe Liverpool FC IA Texas, Academy Director

5-7 years – Love the game
8-9 years – Love, Learn and Enjoy the game
10  years -  Love, Learn, Enjoy and Compete in the game

We wholeheartedly believe that the overall development of our young players can be further enhanced through our programs and the influence of outstanding coaches on and off the field. Participants will be inspired by a sense of enjoyment, teamwork and respect for other children in an environment that developed LFC players such as Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher. Both went on to not only be LFC first team standouts but who are still role models to millions around the world.

Education is provided and delivered through the Foundation Phase (FND) of our club curriculum.   Each player will be coached in various skills such as passing, receiving, dribbling, running with the ball and shooting in a way that recognizes the ability and needs of each individual.



  • 1-3 Sessions per week
  • Weekend games and Tournaments
  • Coach to player ratio 1:16 Max
  • Game formats 4v4,7v7,9v9


Session Focus

  • Fun
  • Soccer Agility
  • Outplaying opponent (1v1,2v1,2v2,1v2)
  • Ball Mastery
  • Receiving under pressure
  • Competition
  • Ball Striking
  • LFC Role Models
  • Scoring goals
  • 1000 touches per session
  • Small sided games



Our player development model is achieved through our creative and challenging learning environment, our staff, and expert LFCIAA curriculum.

The FND phase of the curriculum develops and evaluates players can be broken down into these five parts of the game

  • Technical -The ability to receive the ball in and out of pressure and then make decisions and execute.
  • Tactical -To understand positions and formations and basic defensive and attacking principals.
  • Physical - To understand soccer related movement and although speed and quickness will be developed, players will grow at different speeds so we will also work on developing the creation of space within agility and    movement.
  • Social– Focus on respect, belief, dedication, listening skills,concentration,ambition,
  • Mental - Decision making on and off the field.   The ability to control emotion, responsibility and accountability.


The Reds Academy program is designed as the next level for a player who is ready to progress from recreational soccer to a more progressive training and playing program. The Academy is a center of training excellence where players are trained twice weekly by our trained coaching staff.

As a club we will always be evaluating and identifying our players to allow us to be able to group by their current ability and location etc. Players progression is monitored by our coaches, regional coordinators and Academy director on a consistent basis.

Our Academy is a fantastic introduction to competitive soccer and one which developmentally will give them the tools they need to take to U11 competitive soccer.


We have a fantastic team of coaches who deliver the highest standard of coaching in line with the values of ‘The Liverpool Way’.

The Club make sure we offer support and guidance to all our coaches through coach education programs, coaching performance feedback and personal development meetings. Our Clubs Academy Director and Technical Director work closely to maximize our staffs own development as we know that Better Coaches = Better Players.

Coach requirements:

          •        To learn the values and history of Liverpool FC

          •        To attend coach education programs

          •        To create a positive environment in which each individual can thrive and enjoy

          •        Have the ability to work alongside a team of coaches

          •        Deliver presentations to players, parents

          •        Have a passion to progress your coaching development

          •        Have the confidence to deliver high quality sessions

          •        Be organized, punctual, self-motivated and reliable

          •        Provide each player with an experience they will never forget.



We want all our teams to be organized in and out of possession.

We want payers to be comfortable in a number of positions and formations with a style of play that is consistent throughout the whole club.

We promote creative freedom in all areas of the field so that our players learn to be brave and comfortable in possession and this includes the goalkeeper.

We want our teams to be fearless and to be able to deal with making mistakes.

We will tell our players to embrace winning however it is important that it is achieved in a style and manner that reflects our club values.


The Reds Academy is dedicated to helping educate and inform parents about their player’s pathway, the road ahead and the benefits of Liverpool FC IA Texas Reds Academy and Competitive Club program.  Through “Academy 101” and the “Roadmap to Select Soccer,” we give parents an opportunity to understand and ask questions about the academy, the pathway to select and what the club can offer our families and their players over the course of 12 years of important development.  This is the finest academy in Texas, developed over many years with the curriculum of LFC Academy and we believe it is a great place for your player to learn and grow. 



Interested in joining the best academy system please contact one of our people in your location.